Contest Information and Rules

The San Diego Model Expo is all about sharing the fun. If you don't want to enter models in the contest, we encourage you to put them in the display-only area. 

Our goal for the contest is to judge everything fairly, and appropriately. We realize there are different aesthetic standards for different subjects, and work hard to appropriately accommodate them. Each category is judged by those familiar with the subject matter and have built those types of models before. 

Basic rules:

  1. The assembly and finish of the model is the sole work of the entrant.
  2. The judges reserve the right to split large categories.
  3. No sweeps. Only one prize per person in any given category.
  4. The judges decisions are final.
  5. The contest will be judged based on IPMS national rules
  6. No previous San Diego Model Expo, IPMS Nationals, or Region 8 winners.
  7. You agree to allow San Diego IPMS, San Diego Model Car Club, and the San Diego Air & Space Museum to publish photos and/or descriptions of these entries and of yourself, should you receive award(s) for your entry(ies).
  8. You agree that you will hold the San Diego Air & Space Museum, IPMS USA, San Diego IPMS, San Diego Model Car Club and all individual members as well as contest judges and staff free of any liabilities for loss or damage to the entered models